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A London Family, 1870-1900: A Trilogy
Molly Hughes
The Cellist of Sarajevo
Steven Galloway
Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher
Lewis Thomas
All the Names
José Saramago, Margaret Jull Costa
A History of the World in 100 Objects
Neil MacGregor
Down the Garden Path
Beverley Nichols
Virtue Betray'd, Or, Anna Bullen
John Banks
Year of Wonders
Geraldine Brooks
Swallows and Amazons
Arthur Ransome
Illusion in java
Gene Fowler
May 2014
text: importing doesn't import everything
I'm still very confused about importing books from Goodreads. I keep trying. I've re-exported from GR and re-imported to Book...
May 2014
reviewed: Paris - Germany: Europäische Reportagen 1931-1950
Janet Flanner was an American correspondent in Paris for the New Yorker magazine from 1925 to 1975. She was an expatriate par...
An American in Paris; profile of an interlude between two wars - Janet Flanner
finished reading:
May 2014
reviewed: Bertie Plays the Blues: A 44 Scotland Street Novel (7)
I skipped a couple of books in the series to read this one, which a friend loaned me. It didn't really matter; the characters...
Bertie Plays the Blues: A 44 Scotland Street Novel  - Alexander McCall Smith
finished reading:
April 2014
reviewed: Mister Pip
I started out liking this book, but was blindsided by the horrific ending. I try to avoid that kind of thing, but it seems th...
Mister Pip - Lloyd Jones
April 2014
reviewed: The Mountain Lion (New York Review Books Classics)
I'm not sure what to think about this 1940s coming-of-age novel. I found it difficult to like or care about any of the charac...
The Mountain Lion (New York Review Books Classic) - Jean Stafford
finished reading:
April 2014
reviewed: London Was Yesterday, 1934-1939 (A Studio Book)
Janet Flanner, an American ex-pat, wrote the bi-weekly "Letter from Paris" column for the New Yorker for 50 years; 1925 to 19...
London Was Yesterday, 1934-1939 (A Studio Book) - Janet Flanner
finished reading:
March 2014
reviewed: The Summer Book (New York Review Books Classics)
The short of it is that this is the best book I've read in at least a year, maybe longer. The story of a young girl, Sophia, ...
The Summer Book - Tove Jansson, Thomas Teal, Kathryn Davis
finished reading:
March 2014
reviewed: 101 Animal Stories
This was one of my favorite books as a kid. The stories all seemed a little odd, in a fascinating way that drew me to re-read...
101 Animal Stories - Anne-Marie Dalmais,  Benvenuti,  Glynis E. Holland,  Brenda Uttley
reviewed: Catland
I loved Wain's art for many years before I knew much about him. Poor guy. He declined into mental illness. I wish this book h...
Catland - Louis Wain,  Rodney Dale
March 2014
reviewed: Mother West Wind 'When' Stories
The 1941 copy I have was my mother's when she was a child.
Mother West Wind 'When' Stories - Thornton W. Burgess,  Harrison Cady
reviewed: Eyewitness to History
I like books of historical source documents. These are eyewitness accounts of historical events.
Eyewitness to History - John Carey
reviewed: Medieval World: 300-1300 (Ideas & Institutions in W.Civilization)
A collection of documents written between 300-1300, each with a contextual intro. Not a page-turner, but great resource for t...
Medieval World, 300-1300 - Norman F. Cantor
reviewed: The Annotated Alice: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
I have read through this version many times and I love all the great extra information Gardner gives that enhances the unders...
Annotated Alice: Complete Text and Original Illustrations in Only Fully Annotated Edition - Lewis Carroll, Martin Gardner, John Tenniel
reviewed: The Voice of the Wood
Haunting and beautiful. I love how the cello maker manages to capture in his instrument the spirit of the tree and the birds ...
The Voice of the Wood - Claude Clément, Frédéric Clément
reviewed: Mrs. Peter Rabbit
Can't find my copy at the moment, but it's a vintage hardcover, maybe 1940s.
Mrs. Peter Rabbit - Thornton W. Burgess