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The Last Sherlock Holmes Story

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story - Michael Dibdin I'm a Holmes purist for the most part. I don't like it when writers bring him to modern times or put him in a sci-fi story or make him ridiculous instead of edgy and a bit scary. But Dibdin did draw me in on this one, even though he strays WAY away from Doyle's Holmes. Boy, it's quite the thriller. The writing is tight and relentless in that way that makes you keep reading even when you want to toss it away and get out Paddington Bear to combat the creeping, horrific realizations. I couldn't look away though. So, I guess I'd say 3 stars. I'd give it 4 if he wasn't playing fast and loose with a character I love even when he acts like a jerk. I didn't resell it, so I must've liked it.