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Watership Down - Richard Adams I was pretty sure I reviewed this, but my review seems to have been vaporized. I read this book when I was 12 and my family life was in upheaval. I loved it for its ability to whisk me away from the real world and I felt a real sympathy for the rabbits having to leave their beloved home and go on a not-always-pleasant search for a new one. Please note that there is a glossary of the rabbit "language" in the back! Due to my age, I'd never heard of such a thing in a novel and I spent waaayy too much time paging backward to find the footnotes that defined terms on their first mention. I have re-read it from time to time and while I'll never love it as much as I did, i still think it's a great adventure story. Sadly, I didn't like any of his other books. If you liked this book, you'd probably love William Horwood's "Duncton Wood" and its sequels.