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The House on Fortune Street - Margot Livesey I read this in 2 days. I had read the first couple sentences of the book flap before I checked it out at the library. Then when I started reading, I was confused because the main character was a man whereas it was supposed to be mainly about the relationship between two women. It turns out the story is written in a round-about way, slowly circling the main event through the eyes of several of the people involved. Each section could really stand alone as a short story, closely examining that section's central character. I kind of wished there'd been more sections. I wanted to know more about Edward and Fiona. Livesey writes empathetically and convicingly from a surprising range of viewpoints. As author Geraldine Brooks said, "Structurally daring and compulsively readable, The House On Fortune Stree illuminates the complexity of love in some of its most difficult guises, and of loss in all of its immensity."