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B Is for Bad Poetry - Pamela August Russell First, I have to say she's very brave to choose this title. I picked this up in a gift store in Port Townsend expecting it to be a collection of hilariously bad old poems, a la Bulwer-Lytton, but it's actually her own poems and snappy little bombs of sarcasm and wit they are. My husband and I laughed over some of them together and then I read the rest by myself later, a little bit at a time. They're funny, but cynical enough that I could only read about 10 at a time. I wouldn't say she has the finesse of Dorothy Parker, to whom she is compared, but if she put out another book, I'd probably read it. Here is an example of a short one:

--Unfortunate Cookie--
You will soon meet someone
who will bring you much joy and love.

Eventually they will devour your soul
like it's a hot dog eating championship.

Lucky Numbers: 543,8,192,78