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Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - Edward Gorey, T.S. Eliot It's hard to believe that this is the same guy who wrote The Wasteland, but I guess when you're writing for your godchildren, it's good to be more cheerful and even surprisingly silly. My favorites are Song of the Jellicles (which I once knew by heart) and The Naming of Cats. I tried a couple of years ago to read this to my son, who was then 5, but though he adores cats, he doesn't think much of poetry. He's a boy who likes a plot. He did use Jellicle as the the name for a stuffed cat though. I don't think a single person he told the name to got the reference, which is a sad indication that this book is not so widely read these days. That's too bad, as I think it's wittier and more fun to read aloud than, say, Edward Lear or Dr Suess or even Jack Prelutsky, who gets on my nerves after a while. In fact, I think I'll go home, pull it off the shelf, and try reading it aloud again. At the very least, *I'll* certainly enjoy it.