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Mr. Bridge - Evan S. Connell This pair of novels (Mr Bridge and Mrs Bridge) is so much better than the movie. You get to read about the same marriage, same events, same time period, from two perspectives: His and hers. I read Mrs. Bridge first. I wonder if I would have felt differently about the characters if I had read his first? Does the first account you get of an event seem more true? I find him much less likable. Interesting portrait of marriage, societal pressures, and prejudices during the pre-WWII years. The synopsis says, "With their shared ability to capture the manners and mores of the American upper middle class, best-selling author Evan S. Connell has done for the late thirties what Sinclair Lewis did for the twenties." I love Lewis too. Both authors are acute observers of human nature. It's interesting to note that this one was published in 1969, ten years after Mrs. Bridge.