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Liza's England aka The Century's Daughter - Pat Barker I liked this book while I was reading it. It follows the main character's life from 1900 until her death, alternating with the story of a social worker who is trying to get her to move from her derelict house so that it can be torn down. It had some interesting (although grim) details about life for poor women in the first half of the 20th century, especially focusing on relationships between parents and kids. I wouldn't have wanted to be a child then. I would give it more stars, but the story hasn't stuck with me like a good story should and I thought the ending was contrived. So, 4 stars for historical detail, 2 for plot, for an average of 3. If you're interested in the domestic history of 20th century England, you'll enjoy it. If not, I'm not sure the plot will hold you.