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Elizabeth and Her German Garden - Elizabeth von Arnim Victorian fictionalized memoir of an Englishwoman married to a German she calls "the Man of Wrath." Transplanted to their German country house, she works with her gardeners to restore/build a garden as an escape from the constrained tedium of a woman of her time and station. I think I expected to like this more than I did. She is certainly witty and I can see why the book was such a success at the time. She has a lot of forward-thinking things to say about women and she says them in such a dry and funny way. I also enjoyed her love of her garden and the woods around their property. At the same time, I found her to be a snob and though her views or servants and children were in keeping with her era and social standing, I still found them tiresome. Her views on women may have been ahead of their time, but her modernism didn't apply to how she saw others in similarly powerless situations. I kept putting down the book in annoyance and and not finding good reason to pick it back up. The library due date forced me to finish. It was a nice enough book, but suffered in comparison to the many glowing reviews i read. Same author who wrote Enchanted April and Mr. Skeffington.