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Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) - William Horwood Not many people in the US know of this book (or even it's fairly prolific author), but it's well known and loved in Britain. Horwood writes beautifully. As with Watership Down, this story is on the surface about animals (moles in this case) but is really about a complex society, complete with moral, political, emotional, and religious aspects. I remember how moved I was by this story when I read it. There's a sacredness about it and you really care about the main characters. It's not for young kids, as there is some violence and the themes would probably go over their heads anyway. This book is the first of nine, although I believe only the first trilogy is available in the US. It's popular enough in the UK though that I found all the rest in paperback at the WH Smith at Heathrow airport! That was in the long ago days before you could just order stuff from amazon UK.