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Gardener's Bed-Book

The Gardener's Bed-Book: Short and Long Pieces to Be Read in Bed by Those Who Love Green Growing Things - Richardson Wright, Dominique Browning Published in 1929, this book of short, often funny essays by the editor of "Home & Garden"' is wonderful. As it says on the back, "Each of its 365 perfectly sized little essays is meant to be read in bed at night after a long day's work, real or imagined, in the garden. A charmingly funny companion to curl up with." I couldn't agree more. In fact, I found it impossible to only read one a night and so finished it in a week rather than a year. But I have occasionally dipped back into it to read an essay for the current date. Written for British audiences, most of the advice transfers directly to our northwest gardens, as we have similar climate. Every gardener, whether active or arm-chair, should read this. Here is a quote that gives you an idea of the tone: "The only way to resist the temptation of growing mushrooms in one's cellar is to give in to it."